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Skin Clinic

Why Winter Is The Best Time Of Year To Wear Vitamin C

While vitamin C is a must-have for skincare any time of year, wintertime is an especially good time to add this tried-and-true ingredient to your regimen. Vitamin C at higher concentrations, 10%-20%, has been shown to have a collagen stimulating benefit. The more collagen the skin has and the healthier it is, the more hydration the skin can hold. This is always important, but especially during the winter months. Vitamin C isn’t just for brightening, the firming properties are astounding as well. Another benefit of Vitamin C is the environmental protection it offers. Free radicals can impair the skin’s natural barrier, removing healthy oils from the surface. These oils normally help keep hydration in the skin and protect it from environmental aggressors. If the barrier is not functioning optimally, skin can easily become extremely dry, dehydrated, and more prone to breakouts. Barrier impairment is already more of a concern during the winter because the harsh weather conditions due to dry air, indoor heat, winter sports, etc. mean a loss of hydration and moisture has an even greater effect. Antioxidants like vitamin C fight free radicals, slowing or reversing these negative changes. Finally, vitamin C is the perfect winter skincare ingredient because its brightening properties can be most effective. While using vitamin C in the summer is smart, frequent sun exposure might cause pigment to accumulate, undoing the work the vitamin C is able to do. Additionally, vitamin C can act as a photosensitizer, meaning skin is more susceptible to sensitivity and damage when exposed to the sun. For this reason, vitamin C use during the winter is a great way to go. The best way to incorporate vitamin C into your regimen is to include both professional treatments and home-care applications. To find a treatment that incorporates vitamin C, check out our spa locator to find a HydroPeptide facialist near you. For homecare, the Firma-Bright 20% Vitamin C Booster complements any regimen. Just add 3-5 drops into any serum or moisturizer for a powerful collagen stimulating signal along with the well-loved brightening benefits of vitamin C.




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