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The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara

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The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara has it all: sun, sand and a gorgeous spa. Whether you live in the area or you're taking a much needed vacation, making a stop at this HydroPeptide Spa will surely be an experience to remember. Learn more about the treatments and services they offer from the perspective of Spa Director Jaana Roth.


Number of years since started?

We opened in 2002.

What is the 4 Seasons Santa Barbara’s approach to skincare?

We like to offer a variety of facial services and skincare lines both trendy and classic to our guests sprinkled with some latest technology.

What is different about the 4 Seasons from other spas?

Service. The pampering starts from the moment you open the spa door until your departure.

What are the biggest difficulties of running a spa?

I think the biggest challenge of running the spa is finding qualified staff members. I am actually lucky to have quite a few therapists who have been with us 10-15 years. But every summer when we are trying to find extra therapists to help out during our busy season, it get’s harder and harder to find qualified staff.

What is the best part of running a spa?

Having a happy guest.

How do you decide on new treatments?

It is a process which is ongoing. I like to look at our guests needs, research trends in skincare products and ingredients. And when the time is right but at least once a year, I would like to introduce a new treatment.

What’s your philosophy for skin?

The less steps the better and if I can use it in the shower, even better. With two kids at home,  me time is often cut short. That’s why my favorite product is the Polish & Peel that I can use in the shower and my skin looks refreshed every time.

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